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15 August
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Bizarre writer on verge of sensory overload. I've called NYC my home, Tampa, Chicago, even West Palm Beach for a short while. I moved from city to city, an artist looking for...something. Now I live in Baltimore, A hop, skip, and a jump from The Capitol. I was a "wanderer and a wonderer" for all of my twenties, hopping from big city to big city, experiencing as much life, gathering wisdom, and good/bad times along the way. Now that I have entered my thirties (proudly, with insight and hindsight my younger self could never even dream of), I feel rested and at home. Eventually/Ideally, I would like to spend the second part of my life in the U.K. Home isn't in Manhattan, Chi-town, Tampa or any 'place'. Home is inside of me and I take it with me wherever I go. That is what I have searched for and learned the rough way but without regret. I just try to be the most understanding, supportive, open-minded, artistic, and best version of myself that I can be daily. I try to be of service to friend and foe alike and though not religious, I believe, 100 percent, in 'doing unto others as you would have them do unto you'. I am human and sometimes stumble. This 'Life Rollercoaster' is rocky and has twists and turns one cannot foresee. Yet I always -try- to be the best "me" that I can. I hope anyone reading this does the same. What a wonderful world that would be. It's simple really. I am an extreme antivivisectionist, peace-nik, and have empathy for most. Yet I know when a thing is worth fighting for and when something is easily walked away from. It took a lot of sleepless nights and missteps to learn that difference. It's a skill that came with bruises and scars, all worn with pride.

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Current Fave Quote said recently by a Highly Respected Politician: "I placed my hand on the bible and promised to uphold the Constitution. I did NOT place my hand on our Constitution and promise to uphold the bible."
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