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Gues wot! We r going to Nana's next week or something like that. Mummie said in less that s couple weeks!!

An Nana gibs me treats and uncle gives me snacks and visitors to my Nana's sick bed pat me and give me food and then i still get the speciality super dooper just for you sir meals mum makes.

My girlfriend has a pic of Me thin like now but don't tell Maggie I'm gonna eat everything.

I'm a beatle....bEATle...bEAGle?

Mum loves us both!¡

From Miles the dog.

Ps the doctor took me on the TARDIS to the spirit of st Louis to learn to fly from chuck lindberg and i got proof!!!
The doctor said said dapper dogs and chuck put his arm around me cause he was flying and the doctor took the pick so if have proof for mum's birthday!!! See